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The house was originally built pre 1600 as a pub/stables/hostel next to the ford. Horses would be kept here to pull barges down the river, to help carriages cross the ford and as a way-station for dispatch riders. The drive  in front of the house is the old A5, with the present pond as the stable base. A wooden bridge and toll house were built in 1637 but floods swept that bridge away about 50 years later. The Toll House is still at the top of the drive. Thomas Telford designed a new bridge to be built in sandstone which opened in 1792 and was widened for two way traffic in 1948. In 1992 a new bridge was built for the A5 road to bypass the village which is now much quieter.

The house and small farm have been owned since 1950 and has been

renovated in keeping with the "olde style". New leaded windows are as recent as 1996 but made to an old Elizabethan design. The shield on the wall facing the drive is to an old Shropshire County design and made by a local iron foundry to be the end of a tie bar to help support the wall.